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Intro to Fitness: Getting over your fear and finding your ‘why’

I’ve had the idea to start blogging for a while now. I wasn’t really sure what the content would be but I knew I had something to say. So, from conception, I planned. I tossed around ideas with my best friend. It just wasn’t coming to me. So mentally, I sat the idea down. At the end of 2016, I wrote out my goals for the next year. My main goal was to work on being a better version of me.

A couple of months into the new year, I went to catch up with my godfather, and it turned into a lecture (whiteboard and all) about being whole-to be well mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I began reading and journaling more, and being ok with hanging out alone. I went to the movies alone, albeit evenings during the week or Sunday afternoons when all the crowds were either at church or napping. I ate at restaurants with just a book or my tablet. It was pretty cool. Peaceful. At the time, I was kinda/sorta paying attention to what I was eating and was having some success, but it really wasn’t a focus. Then one day, I stepped on a scale and my response was an immediate WHAT THE FUDGE (but I didn’t say fudge).

273lbs. I’m about 5’3”. But I carried it well; or so I thought. It wasn’t cute though, not at all. My physician referred me to a specialist for an EKG for my heart. She wanted to check on my heart, even though all of the other results of my biometric screening looked good. That was when I knew it was time to work on my physical. I started by focusing on how much I ate and how many steps I took a day. I had to get active. So, I paid attention to the caloric content of what I ate, and managed counting macros thanks to the MyFitnessPal app. I controlled my portions and the weight began to come off. Eventually, I wanted to commit to more significant lifestyle changes to see more consistent results. I learned about Intermittent Fasting while doing some research and it became a staple and lifestyle change for me. Seeing results made me more mindful of what I ate so I began to make better choices. It also taught me how to have a different relationship with food; its a source of fuel and not for comfort. I mean, sometimes it’s gonna be for comfort. But it was important for me to learn to have control and know the difference in needing fuel or giving myself “comfort”.  I gave myself a lot less comfort... a lot less. I cut out the excessive drinking. It was necessary to remove that stuff to see continued progress. Thinking back on it, I was seriously disciplined. I would make myself take mental breaks at work to walk in our parking deck. I had to get steps in. I would stand in front of the TV at home and literally march in place. Hey Fitbit friends... that’s how I would win, lol! I was starting to be well physically. I completed my first Peachtree Road Race last summer (actually showing up was a win in itself) and now it’ll be a tradition for me every year. It’s kinda dope to say you ran the streets of your city. Also, I own a few kettlebells so I worked out occasionally at home. I attended a few yoga classes. I also picked up meditation. Meditation brings peace and reduces stress. While in a fasted state, it's a great teacher of focus and strength. I was finally addressing myself. I was taking care of all of me, and I was liking the results. I gave myself my full attention. It became easy. Second nature. I was taking action. Doing. Living. Being. I was me. Happy in adulthood, living in peace, helping others, and being open to learning.

Two years later and I’m down 120 pounds and I’ve kept it off for over a year now. I’m still constantly planning, but now I’m putting some action behind it. Focused on my goals and finding the proper path to get there. I am now stepping out of my comfort zone to get the work done. The idea of this blog came after having several people tell me I needed to start one having seen my progress a few months into my journey. I’d already wanted to blog, so it was something to consider. I’ve tried to lose weight a few times and had some success with it only to gain it back, plus extra. So I knew about failing. This time I took the time to think. I studied science in undergrad and grad school so I used what I’d learned. In the meantime, I would get questions on what I was doing and I’d answer them. I’d get A LOT of questions. So I kept those questions in mind. If my suggestions didn’t work for someone, I took that result into consideration as well... because, like I said, I’ve failed a few times and knew where I’d gone wrong.  I immersed myself into creating a blog that would help people through the struggles of getting into their fitness journey. I looked at what motivated me, thought about what I needed to get to where I wanted to be, and how I could help others begin or find something they can enjoy to break up the monotony of the gym or a track. And so we are here! As my accountability partner (that’s you), you will have a window into my journey. It is my hope that the results will be twofold; giving me the encouragement to stick with my current goal of preparing for and competing in an amateur physique competition and for you, the encouragement to start your own weight loss/fitness journey by finding what works for you. No gimmicks, just us working on us. Simple, right? Trust me,  it gets easier once you begin. Now, I’m not saying it’s gonna be a cake walk. It will get a bit uncomfortable because you’re no longer in your comfort zone. You’ll be doing things you aren’t used to. Your brain will give you tons of reasons (those are actually excuses) as to why you can’t do it, but that’s just the fear talking. The fear is always gonna be there, by the way. We’ll just work through it and trust process. First things first, set your goals! Here’s your first goal: Stop comparing yourself to others. You’re your own competition. We’re learning to be superior to our former selves here. And with that, let’s get to Figurin’ it Out!


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