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When the world shut down at the beginning of 2020 due to COVID-19, I had the idea of being strictly an online personal trainer. Not someone who simply emails their client's workouts and stays updated on their progress through email and text, but someone who comes into the home to virtually train you. With it, I saw the convenience of technology, as well as dodging the threat of coronavirus. I also understand the intimidation of the gym and being in the security and comfort of your home.    

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Online Personal Training

A part of your weight loss or wellness journey should include physical activity. Exercise not only improves your physical appearance and confidence, but it also improves your health, reducing your risk of developing diseases, and improves your quality of life. It makes walking up and down stairs easier. It relieves those “after age 30” pains in the body. Exercise is immune boosting, which means it’s a good aid in fighting COVID-19, the flu, colds, and other illnesses.

Shan J., Client

It has been a pleasure working with Ivy. She has helped me gain consistency and confidence in working out. As a result of the consistency, I have seen my body change little by little over the months and I feel great. Fitness is truly a lifestyle change. I love that she offers virtual classes which allow me to work out in the comfort and privacy of my own home. Ivy is passionate and truly enjoys helping people live healthier lifestyles. I would certainly recommend her to anyone.

Ashley H., Client

FIO (Ivy!!!) Keeps me realistic about my goals and expectations. It can be easy to feel like I'm not doing enough if I'm too into IG or anything else pushing microwave results. Ivy reminds me that time and consistency are the best strategy for any body goal...anything else puts me at greater risk for injury and disappointment. I don't want that! Highly recommend!!!

Shereka S., Client

One of the most motivating and encouraging trainers I know. Ivy won’t let you give up and will tell you that you can do it, even when your mind is saying you can’t. She pushes you just enough to want to keep going without over exerting yourself. I don’t think I would’ve finished the Peachtree Road Race in 2022, if I didn’t hear her in my head reminding me to breathe

One Saturday Morning!

Saturday morning online group sessions coming soon!

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